Malden Planning Board meets June 28th

The Malden Planning Board is holding a Public Hearing about the redevelopment of the Malden Hospital site, and getting ready to issue a Special Permit. This is a point we have been working towards for the last seven years! First, the meeting details:

WHEN:    June 28, 2023 at 7:00 PM

WHERE: Herbert L. Jackson Council Chamber (Room 105), Malden City Hall, 215 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA

Next, some questions and answers:

Q. What is this meeting about?

A. Everything to do with the new building and the infrastructure around it, from the screening around the ventilation systems on the roof to how water will drain off the new parking lot and what plants will be used in the landscaping. In addition, the agreement as to the proper treatment of the historical materials to be retrieved from the old building – as required by the Malden Historical Commission – will be made conditions of the Special Permit.

Q. Where can I find the agenda?

A. You can download the agenda here:

Q. I tried clicking on the link in the agenda, but I don’t understand how to use the website it sent me to! Where can I find background materials?

A. Don’t worry, we’ve got you! We’ve downloaded all the documents filed by Tufts/Acadia and the City’s responses (when available), and you can find them all at this link:

Q. Are these the final documents?

A. No. Tufts/Acadia tells us that some of them are likely to change before presentation, particularly the Landscaping Plan. In addition, the renderings you will see in the files are just that – architect’s renderings. The landscaping and the spaces that are not part of the planned building site, among other things, are not accurately represented in these pictures.

Q. Are the demolition plans included here?

A. No. Demolition plans will not be filed until the Special Permit is issued and Tufts/Acadia, the demolition contractor, and the abutters of the property have met to discuss demolition concerns and priorities. While we can talk about demolition issues in this public meeting, it’s not the central point.

Q. Well, what about the open space that the City is supposed to get?

A. That’s also not the subject of this meeting – though Friends of Fellsmere Heights will be bringing it up! We can’t plan for the new open space until there is an agreement toward the City owning it, and that ownership depends on the Special Permit. So, while we are asking for conditions to ensure we do get the open space in good condition, the planning for what the space will look like and how it will be used will happen later.

Q. I still have things I think we should be talking about. Will I be able to speak?

A. Absolutely. That’s why it’s a public hearing! You will need to get to the Council chamber by 6:45 PM and sign in, and the Chair will call upon you when it’s your turn. However, in the interest of time, if you hear someone else address your issue and you think they do it well, you may want to consider giving up your turn or express support for what they said.

NOTE: While there is no time limit specified in the Agenda, if there are many comments the Chair may impose a time limit on each comment.

Q. Will the meeting be livestreamed? Will we be able to speak remotely?

A. Planning Board meetings are always filmed and made available on UMA, Malden’s cable TV service, and often made available “live.” We don’t know at this time if the Planning Board will be taking remote questions. We will send out another email as we learn more.

Q. Will there be another meeting after this one?

A. This is up to the members of the Planning Board. However, since this is a public hearing, we expect that there will be at least one more meeting at which the Planning Board will either vote on the Special Permit with conditions, or continue the meeting until they have had further conversations with Tufts/Acadia. The public will not be able to make further comments at such meetings, though you will still be able to write to the Planning Board. The Chair of the Planning Board will decide whether comments submitted after the meeting will be included in the record.

Q. What if I want to provide my comments and concerns in writing?

A. Michelle Romero is the Malden City Planner and the Clerk of the Planning Board. You can find her email and street address at this link: Written comments or statements will be accepted until 6 PM, Wednesday, June 28.

That’s it! We hope this is helpful. Friends of Fellsmere Heights will be presenting a letter describing the conditions we’d like to see become part of the Special Permit. Many thanks to the Update Team, who met several times, on line and in person, to help frame that letter.

See you at City Hall!

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