A Community Vision for the Abandoned Malden Hospital Site

FoFH has been awarded a partnership with Boston Architectural College's Gateway Initiative program for 2018-19

A preliminary conceptual community-based plan is being developed along with supporting materials based on your input. Please take our BAC survey today! The aim is to assist the Malden and Medford Ad Hoc Hospital Review Committees in furthering their negotiations with the current owners, MelroseWakefield Healthcare-Wellforce, formerly Hallmark Health, to provide supporting materials for grant funding applications, and to win the support of key stakeholders in the process.

Thank you for your time and assistance!

Our Current Trifold Brochure

Tri-fold Outside            Tri-fold Inside

Potential uses for the Malden Hospital site to enrich community life and match Malden and Medford needs
  • Incubator space
  • Community meeting spaces - rentable space
  • Combined Use open/recreational space and moderate income elder housing
  • A toddler and parents learning/socializing facility
  • Walking paths, Picnic areas, Community gardens
  • Café, Performance and arts center, Outdoor bandstand
  • Tennis courts, Ball field, Soccer field, Outdoor workout space, Skateboard park  
Reasons to consider alternate proposals other than a 250-unit apartment, condo,  and assisted living complex
  • Traffic Overload: Adding over 500 cars to an already heavily trafficked area
  • Environmental Impact: Risk to stressed Fellsmere Pond ecosystem
  • Expensive Housing: Cost of units beyond reach of median local incomes
  • Green Space Deficit: Malden has the 5th lowest ratio of green space
  • Construction Impact: Developers “hope to avoid” blasting/damage to nearby foundations.
  • WHO MOSTLY BENEFITS: The developer, NOT the community 

Friends of Fellsmere Heights is a 501(c)(3) non-profit grassroots community group advocating for a community-centric development concept for the abandoned Malden Hospital site. Our mission is to minimize high-density development at the site and to preserve and enhance the quality of life of Malden and Medford residents through preservation of open space. You can visit our store - or - contribute directly to support this ongoing work.