A Community Vision for the Abandoned Malden Hospital Site

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Potential uses for the Malden Hospital site to enrich community life and match Malden and Medford needs
  • Incubator space
  • Community meeting spaces - rentable space
  • Combined Use open/recreational space and moderate income elder housing
  • A toddler and parents learning/socializing facility
  • Walking paths, Picnic areas, Community gardens
  • Café, Performance and arts center, Outdoor bandstand
  • Tennis courts, Ball field, Soccer field, Outdoor workout space, Skateboard park  
Reasons to consider alternate proposals other than an almost 400-unit apartment, condo,  and assisted living complex
  • Traffic Overload: Adding over 500 cars to an already heavily trafficked area
  • Environmental Impact: Risk to stressed Fellsmere Pond ecosystem
  • Expensive Housing: Cost of units beyond reach of median local incomes
  • Green Space Deficit: Malden has the 2nd lowest ratio of green space
  • Construction Impact: Developers “hope to avoid” blasting/damage to nearby foundations.
  • WHO MOSTLY BENEFITS: The developer, NOT the community 

To learn more, see this informational flyer...

Friends of Fellsmere Heights is a 501(c)(3) non-profit grassroots community group advocating for a community-centric development concept for the abandoned Malden Hospital site. Our mission is to minimize high-density development at the site and to preserve and enhance the quality of life of Malden and Medford residents through preservation of open space.

  • Upcoming events

    Saturday, June 02, 2018 at 06:00 PM
    Fellsmere Park

    2018 Lantern Walk

    2018_Lantern_Walk_1_5-8-18.jpgCome celebrate our community with a Lantern Walk around Fellsmere Pond at dusk (around 8:20 pm). 

    If you want to make your own lantern, arrive early at 5:30 pm for our lantern making workshop.  (Lanterns will need time to dry before the walk.)  Pre-made lanterns will also be available for purchase for $5.

    In between we will have various events such as tag games and storytime to entertain the kids.

    Feel free to bring snacks and a blanket and have a picnic on the field in between events.


    If you would like to showcase your non-profit or for-profit organization at our event, spaces for tables are available for purchase.  Just fill out our table registration form.

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