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Potential Uses to Enrich Community Life and Match Malden + Medford Needs

  • Café, Incubator Space
  • Open, Recreational Space
  • Moderate Income Elder Housing
  • Community Meeting Spaces, Rentable Space
  • Toddler & Parents Learning, Socializing Facility
  • Walking Paths, Picnic Areas, Community Gardens
  • Arts & Cultural Center, Small Outdoor Amphitheater
  • Tennis Courts, Multi-Use Field, Outdoor Workout Space, Skateboard Park, etc.  

Reasons to Consider Proposals Other than Exclusively Residential Development

  • Environmental Impact: Risk to Stressed Fellsmere Pond Ecosystem
  • Green Space Deficit: Malden Has the 5th Lowest Ratio of Green Space
  • Expensive Housing: Cost of Units Beyond the Reach of Median Local Incomes
  • Traffic Overload: Adding Over 500 Cars to An Already Heavily Trafficked Area
  • Construction Impact: Developers “Hope to Avoid” Blasting + Damage to Nearby Foundations
  • Who Mostly Benefits: A Developer, not the Community

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