Updates on FoFH progress and other related activities

Happy Spring!  While the blog posts have been quiet, the work going on around Friends of Fellsmere Heights (FoFH) and Malden Hospital has been busy! See below for summary information on what's been happening...

December 2016: The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) presented their findings of a traffic study at Highland Ave and Fellsway East in Malden, an extremely busy intersection very near the Malden Hospital location. Their study revealed key findings: high number of crashes, lack of sufficient traffic control, wide pavement areas, high vehicle approach speeds, long queues and delays, etc.  

DCR recommended a short term solution, and a long term solution.  For details, see the meeting slides on the FoFH Facebook page, as well as the detailed report from DCR.

February 2017:  Malden Hospital owners prepared a 'contingency' plan for the Malden Hospital site, which includes 6 proposed housing lots.  For details, see the Wicked Local Malden article, and some photos of the proposed lots.

March 2017:  Malden Planning Board held a public meeting on the proposed Malden Hospital contingency plan.  The Planning Board rejected both subplot preliminary plans. The Board of Health and City Planner both recommended that the subplan not pass due to outstanding health and safety concerns of the current state of the property and the Planning Board rejected unanimously.

The City of Malden held  a community meeting to gather input on the city's open space and recreation plan.  Residents huddled around open space maps of Malden and marked them up with recommendations.

The city is working with Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) to update its Open Space and Recreation Plan. Residents can take the Malden open space survey.

FoFH has received some grant money in support of our efforts to convert the Malden Hospital site to a more community driven development, but there is more work to be done!  An update meeting will be held within the next few weeks. Check the meeting website for specific date and location information.

Hope to see you soon!

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