Write to the Attorney General about the Malden Hospital Site

The donors of the land for the Malden Hospital site donated the land with the specific public charitable purpose as a site for a hospital in Malden, not as a general gift. One of the donors, Elisha Converse, who was the first mayor of Malden, also donated the land for the adjoining Fellsmere Park and other area park. It would not be within the intent of the donors to have the land used for any other purpose than benefiting the health of Malden residents.

The Friends of Fellsmere Heights (FoFH) made a request of the Attorney Generals Office under the Freedom of Information Act for records relative to the Malden Hospital.  We received a response that they have no records that are "responsive" to our request.

If this land is sold to a person or entity other than a public charity, the law requires that the Attorney General review the “sale of significant assets of a non-profit health maintenance organization to a for-profit entity. “  To that end, the FoFH has formally requested that Attorney General Healey conduct such a review.

You can help by filing a letter of complaint with the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office and the new Attorney General, “the people’s lawyer,” Maura Healey.